Some Cartoons Made By Carlos Latuff




12 thoughts on “Cartoons


    El pueblo argentino esta con ustedes, no dejen nunca de luchar, contra el nuevo facismo revanchista.

  2. cenabi rabbin sizleri islah eylesin, parmak kadar cocuklara kiydiniz serefsizlerrrr. Allah sizin belanizi versin bu dunyada ve obur dunyada bir basiniz ve bir kiciniz donsun serefsizlerrrr sizi..

  3. You Gazans are living on a different Planet,,,,

    You murder your Parents and then you cry that you are Orphans,,,
    HAMAS is the sole and only reason you are suffering,,,,,
    Your OWN doing
    Unless you get rid of that monstrosity then your lives will continue to be more and more miserable

  4. Don`t associate Nazi with the fuckin` rats of jews… ! Adolf Hitler wanted them killed, he wanted to make a goodmuch better world…

  5. How many lies its unbelievable!! I am arab from lebanon, and all this is fucking not true!! the HAMAS killing israeli people for years of years, now Israel decided to stop the HAMAS terrorists, but HAMAS USE CHILDRENS AS HUMAN SHIELDS!!!

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