Israel and US said : “We Kill The Terrorist”

Israel,US and other country who support them call this Gaza victims is Terrorist. Look at they,,,is that seems likes terrorist. Are you to be fooled by Zionist Israel and US???? Shame on you….

We call this the real purpose of terrorism campaign from the king of Terrorist , ISRAEL (Olmert) and US (Bush)

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Israel’s Long-term Strategies of War on Gaza

-Israel and US targeting childrens on his global war on terror campaign-

By Khalid Amayreh

Journalist — Occupied Palestine

Long days of massive Israeli bombardment from the air, land, and sea is leaving a trail of destruction in the impoverished Gaza Strip. (Reuters photo)
Israel has been trying rather frantically to convince the international community that its ongoing campaign of death and terror against the Gaza Strip is actually in response to the firing by Palestinian fighters of largely ineffective, homemade projectiles on nearby Israeli settlements.

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PA TV cameraman killed by Israeli shelling

Maan Images

Date: 09 / 01 / 2009 Time: 10:29

Gaza – Ma’an – A journalist working for the Palestinian Authority’s official television station was killed the Israeli onslaught in Gaza, Palestinian medical officials announced on Friday.

Palestine TV cameraman Ihab Al-Wahidi was killed along with his mother and his wife and mother when Israeli tanks shelled his house in the Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood south of Gaza City on Thursday night. His wife, Rukaya Abu Al-l-Naja, is of Moroccan origin.

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Pekan Kedua Agresi Gaza: 780 Gugur dan 3250 Lebih Terluka

[ 09/01/2009 – 03:56 ]
Source : Infopalestina.Com

Gaza-Infopalestina: Korban serangan serdadu Israel yang dilancarkan lewat darat, udara dan laut terus bertambah. Menginjak pekan kedua gempuran ke Gaza sudah lebih dari 780 korban meninggal dan 3250 lainya luka-luka.

Menurut Direktur Layanan Ambulan dan Emergency Departemen Kesehatan Palestina, Dr. Muawiyah Husnain menyebutkan, jumlah syuhada terus meningkat mencapai 780 syuhada, kebanyakan anak-anak dan wanita. Pada Kamis (8/1), tim medis menemukan lebih dari 50 jenazah yang meninggal akibat kebidaban Israel.

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Hamas: We will win war in Gaza


By Shane Bauer in Damascus

Israel’s war on Gaza has left more than 700 Palestinians dead – nearly a third of them women and children – and more than 3,000 injured.

But at the organisation’s headquarters in Damascus, 100km miles from the territory, Musa Abu Marzouq, the deputy head of Hamas’ political bureau, told Al Jazeera why he believes his organisation is on the verge of victory against Israel.

Al Jazeera: Under what conditions will Hamas agree a ceasefire with Israel?

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Gaza’s Traumatized Children

By Sameh A. Habeeb, IOL Correspondent

GAZA CITY — Having nowhere to hide even inside UN-run schools, the latest Israeli target, more than 215 children have been killed so far in Israel’s ongoing military offensive against the sealed off Gaza Strip.

But for many, that’s not the worst part of the nightmare.

Having lost a father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, friend or neighbor, about every child in the bombed-out costal enclave has been traumatized and will keep physical and mental scars for years. has interviewed several children to talk about their feelings regarding Israeli onslaught.

Huda, 7

I hate this war and I hear that Israel will come to our house soon.

I always get nightmares of rockets hitting my house. I dreamt of my father being killed by one of the rockets and my mother got her neck racked.

In the nightmare, I was searching for my brothers who were taken far away by the Israeli tanks.

I’m unhappy and I want to play again in my house. I hope no bad things happen.

Abed, 3
I don’t like darkness. It’s when the sounds of bad things come out.

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Israel Terrorism (Part 3)

A Palestinian man stands near bodies outside a United Nations school in Jabalya in the northern Gaza Strip January 6, 2009. Photo: REUTERS/Ismail Zaydah

A relative reacts in front of the bodies of three children killed by an Israeli tank shell, Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, early Monday, Jan. 5, 2009. Photo: AP ASHRAF AMRA

A Palestinian father carries his wounded baby daughter into a hospital in Gaza City on January 4, 2009 as Israeli troops continue its ground assault in Gaza. The half dozen hospitals in Gaza cannot cope with more patients and casualties are overflowing out of regular wards into corridors as Israeli troops push deep into Gaza. At least 40 people have been killed since Israel launched the night-time offensive yesterday after eight days of air strikes in which at least 485 Palestinians died and more than 2,400 were wounded, Gaza medics said. Photo: AFP/Getty

January 4: Palestinian medics carry the body of a boy, killed by an Israeli shell, at the hospital in Gaza January 4, 2009. Photo: Reuters

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