Oxfam: Israel blocks half of Gaza need

[ 03/02/2009 – 04:02 PM ] – palestineinfo.co.uk

GAZA, (PIC)– The British organization Oxfam international accused Israel of barring the arrival of more than 50 percent of the Palestinian citizens’ needs in the Gaza Strip through the closure of border crossings despite the disastrous situation of Palestinians there which was further aggravated by the war.

Commenting on the UN efforts to raise funds for Gaza, Oxfam said, in a statement received Tuesday by the PIC, money alone could not solve the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza.

“It is not enough for donor countries to reach out for their check books. They must also press Israel to open up the border crossings and make sure their aid money is used effectively,” Oxfam executive director Jeremy Hobbs said.

Hobbs also said that Israel allows in small amounts of food not enough for Gaza people who are in urgent need of vital supplies, highlighting that Israel must open all crossings in full swing without further delay.

The Oxfam official noted that the use of Karam Abu Salem crossing in south Gaza, which cannot meet the urgent needs of the citizens in Gaza because of its remoteness, is inappropriate and a waste of resources.

Oxfam also underlined that in addition to the daily needs, Gaza lacks construction materials and spare parts for the repair of houses, water and sewage systems, and electrical lines.

2 thoughts on “Oxfam: Israel blocks half of Gaza need

  1. Gaza doesnt want us to help its people. Hamas sabotage the field hospital which was built for take care of Gaza’s injuries. Do you ask yourself why Hamas does it? just because they want all the world to blame Israel for killing palestinians!!!! Hamas doesnt even care of their children and babies. How we can understand it? Hamas puts its rockets under hospitals, schools, civilian homes and from there it shoot the rockers towards citizens of Israel. So what Israel should does? get to Hamas to kill its citizens to die or protect them? what would you do if your child was shooting every day, a lot of times, by the Hamas terrorists? think about it…

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