Israel kills more than 900 Palestinians during its 16-day aggression on Gaza


[ 12/01/2009 – 10:27 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The death toll of the continued Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip rose with the end of the 16th day on Sunday to more than 900 Palestinians most of them were children and women, while the number of injuries rose to 4,100 Palestinians.

According to Dr. Muawiya Hassanein, the director of emergency services in the health ministry, Israel killed 906 Palestinians so far including 277 children and 93 women.

On Sunday, the IOF troops continued the acts of ethnic cleansing killing more than 38 Palestinians in one day and wounding dozens others.

Palestinian medical sources reported yesterday that five Palestinians were killed during Israeli air strikes on the Gaza city and Jabaliya and another one was killed after bombing his motorcycle in Rafah.

According to the sources, more than 12 citizens were wounded and two others were killed by Israeli artillery fire in Khan Younis, while a Palestinian child was reportedly killed as a result of the continued Israeli shelling in Khuza’a amid reports of more casualties in the area.

The withdrawal of IOF troops from the area of Sheikh Ajlin, southwest of Gaza, unveiled an Israeli massacre, where 14 Palestinian were killed including a one-year-old child.

The IOF troops also killed dozens of Palestinians in other areas of Gaza including a citizen along with his wife and child who were killed by an air-to-ground missile fired by an Israeli drone north of Gaza city.

Human rights reports said that the IOF troops since the start of the ground offensive on Gaza had turned a number of homes into barracks and detained Palestinian inhabitants in their houses under inhuman conditions without providing them with any food or water.

Source : Palestine Info

9 thoughts on “Israel kills more than 900 Palestinians during its 16-day aggression on Gaza

  1. I am from the scotland and I am appalled that my goverment sits back and does noughting while the continuous slaughter of the palastinian people continuse at the hands of the israeli government as it has done for years. I feel Britain owes the palestinians as the problems their are mostly created due to british rule of the place as in so many other parts of the world- I hate what my people have done all of it driven by greed. I don’t know how the Israeli’s and the western world can label Hamas terrorists- just look at the civilian body count on both sides from the last decade. What Hamas are doing also reminds me of my own countries celebrated wars of independence led by William Wallace – a national hero (seen brave heart anyone?)against the technologically superior English army some centuries ago.It took along time but eventually we won peace. I thank this website as it as shown the true scale of the war happening right now, the pictures of the casualties will haunt me for the rest of my life- i cant even begin to imagine how it must be for a kid (not to mention the adults, old ,the infirm/disabled people)to live their.I pray to God/Allah or what ever higher power their is for all of you caught up in this terrible crime against humanity. Their is good and bad people in the world and i believe the all the good people could come together and celebrate their religious/cultural beliefs that we all share,i.e all religions believe in a higher power as opposed to the bad people who want to start wars and kill over their differences-seems the Jewish state believes that they are better than the rest of us and a non Jewish life is worthless.
    sorry for rambling on the reason i started writing was to tell people that they must make the world aware of this website post links on discussion groups,blogs,news website comments pages. i wonder if people will be quite so willing to defend israel if they see the pictures i have just seen. PEACE.

  2. Israel is dog..
    Israel is pig..
    Israen Will destroy..
    Islam will destroy you,..osama bin laden have been angry.

  3. Innalillahi wa Inna Ilaihi roji’un….

    keluarga besar smpn1gegesik turut berbela sungkawa atas apa yang menimpa saudara kami di Gaza, Palestine

  4. israel binatang,anjing beraninya menjajah negara lemah bangsat.asu.manusia berwujud setan dan iblis.dan dajal smua org2 kafir Allah akan memberikan ganjaran terhadap org israel.kmi warga indonesia mendoakan untuk para saudaraku yg ada dipalestina Allahuakbar.Allahuakbar

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