195 children killed since operation began

06.01.09 – 09:18
Gaza / PNN – Reports indicate that 13 Palestinians from the same family were killed when Israeli forces targeted an eastern Gaza City house. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights said this afternoon that Israeli forces in Gaza have killed 599 Palestinians.

Dr. Hassanein of the Ministry of Health said today that Israeli forces have killed 195 Palestinian children since the operation began and injured 2,730 people with the majority in serious condition.

A large contingent of Israeli ground forces have Gaza City encircled and last night the eastern side of town was heavily hit.

The Director of Ambulance and Emergency in the Palestinian Ministry of Health reports on Tuesday afternoon that the number of Palestinians killed has reached 578. In 24 hours Israeli forces have killed 40 people.

He also reports that the vast majority of the Palestinians killed over the past two days were women and children.

A member of Islamic Jihad was killed. On Monday 46 Palestinians were killed, including 17 children and seven women. Overnight Israeli forces killed 19 more, among them four from the Abu Jabara family.

This morning Saraya Al Quds reports two of its armed resistance members were killed in an ambush from sea near Deir Al Belah.

In the central Strip’s Al Bureij Refugee Camp Israeli forces killed the Abu Jabara father and three of his sons. Three people from the Kahlout family were killed in a separate attack. Israeli forces attacked Gaza City’s Al Zeitoun neighborhood and killed three people, while bombing the Yarmouk Market and killing four more Palestinians.

With hundreds of Israeli soldiers plowing into the city in tanks, armed resistance members from the leftist PFLP, DFLP, and from Islamic Jihad and Hamas attempted to stave them off in the city’s Al Shajaiyeh neighborhood.

Israeli military sources say that three Israeli soldiers were killed and about 20 others were injured by “friendly fire.”

Eyewitnesses report that Israeli shelling in the northern Gaza Strip caused dozens of homes to catch fire in Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahiya, and Gaza City’s neighborhoods of Al Shajaiyeh, Al Tuffah and Zeitoun. The intense aerial bombardment has left the air clogged with smoke and untold victims. Israeli forces renewed the shelling of Mount Rayyes and Al Tuffah in Gaza City, while local sources also report that the southern Strip’s Khan Younis and Rafah were hit with heavy ground invasions.

The Israeli shelling killed members of three families, most of whom are children and women whose homes are not exempt from being targeted. The number of Palestinians killed since the ground invasion has reached 110, including 50 children and 29 women. Since the beginning of the operation on 27 December, Israeli forces have killed 578 Palestinians and injured over 2,700.

Source : Palestine News Network

10 thoughts on “195 children killed since operation began

  1. Sou brasileiro, não nem arabe e nem inglês.
    Mas gostaria de registrar a minha dor e tristeza ao ver
    crianças sendo mortas desta forma tão cruel.
    Peço a Deus que traga a paz sobre Israel e a Palestina.

  2. My favorite charity is doing all is can to help the people in Gaza. MERCY CORPS is doing all it can. Below is some background information about the humanitarian situation and ways to get involved.

    The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is getting worse by the day: hundreds have died and thousands are trapped in their homes. Families have been cut off from the outside world, and the United Nations has declared a food crisis, with nearly every commodity in dangerously short supply. Electricity, water and heat are becoming scarce, further endangering families during these long weeks of winter.
    Mercy Corps, a non-profit humanitarian aid organization is actively trying to help Gazans affected by the recent violence.

    With humanitarian needs growing and no end in sight to the crisis, Mercy Corps is calling for immediate humanitarian access to Gaza’s families. Only a trickle of goods is making it in, and it is not nearly enough to meet the needs of thousands. You can sign their petition by clicking here. This petition urges the U.S. government to push for aid to be allowed immediately.

    And, you can help Mercy Corps get the humanitarian items they need once the border is open by donating to Mercy Corps’ Gaza Crisis Fund. Mercy Corps has a four-ton shipment of food that’s supposed to enter Gaza tomorrow, and they’re deploying additional aid workers to Jerusalem and Egypt to prepare to do more.

    <@Wendy Werling

    Thanks for the information about Mercy Corps, I will put Mercy Corps Links to this blog. Keep work for humanity and for gaza. Thanks 🙂

  3. i here want to say that,israel army is a bunch of coward,there does not have a ant felling to humannity,,,,,,,,i also here support any action that gaza society done to sent israel army from their motheland

  4. Palastin people! wake up my brothers!

    All this shit happend because u gave land and hoses to the hamas !
    they use you as a shiled !
    and then u cry because your people dead….

    drop the Hamas to the sea, and start your life as a modern nation!
    don’t you get ? the hamas takes you people 300 years to the past!
    so dont cry and blame the world and the israelis.
    its all because your stupid leaders!

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