2009, Israel Game Over!

Do you see what US have done to Iraq, Now Israel do the same way to Gaza, So, just let we see, Israel will Dead and bankrupt like US. Now, Israel (Pig and Monkey generation) like a adult with high technology weapon equipment and Palestinian muslim like a baby (holy human) with water (can be a tsunami) gun weapon. So, if you see like this, what the best word to call Israel (Zionist “Pig” Jews) goverment, prime minister,soldiers and others people and nations who support them. The best word to call them is a COWARD or a LOSER. But its ok, the palestinian muslim have strong faith to his god (Allah Swt) and the jews dont have that real power. The “Pig” Jews generation just have a high technology -a human made- but the muslim have a god power.

Just let we see a few years later, ISRAEL “PIG AND MONKEY” Jews will GAME OVER like other Country and People who support the “pig” Generation. 2009 is The End Of Pig And Monkey Generation!./tfa-aceh

Click This Poster for hi-resolution download of above poster, and use for protesting in your city!

One thought on “2009, Israel Game Over!

  1. Israel is a very bigot state controlled by the Rothchilds. The Rothchilds own 80% of Israel and partners with the Rockefellers with our Federal Reserve Bank. Most Orthodox Jews (the right wing extremists) I talk too feel they are superior with there King David to rule again. We are stupid gentile dogs and most Jews wouldnt urinate on us if we were on fire! We are loosing our homes yet due to some fake christian evangelists, Rothchilds and AIPAC, we are still giving Israel tons of money, weapons and ammunition. Its pathetic.

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